Coffee. It is historical and romantic. It is powerful, yet whimsical. Coffee, and the way we drink it today is well over a 1,000 years old. Wikipedia KaldiKaldi, noticing that when his flock nibbled on the bright red berries of a certain bush they became more energetic (jumping goats), chewed on the fruit himself... continues on...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaldi. Coffee, to Café de los Muertos means even more these days. In the battle to profit at any means necessary, large corporations have not only put the environment in danger on a global level, but also the farmers of coffee beans. Café de los Muertos loves drinking and roasting coffee, truly love it. So in order to make our little mark in the big, big world, we ONLY offer organic Fair and Direct Trade products. We want to be part of a global movement that promotes a sustainable farming environment with fair living wages for the farmers and workers.

Our promise to you:

  • We will deal directly with Fair Trade Certified Growers and Roasters.
  • We will buy green coffee beans from farmers who practice sustainable and eco-friendly farming but cannot afford the Fair Trade seal.
  • We will actively seek out Direct Trade procurers who get their green beans directly from the coffee bean farmers.
  • We will roast the organic Fair Trade and Direct Trade beans as stringently as possible even though we do not officially carry the certificate.


What Fair Trade means to us:

  • Fair Trade combines fair price for farming families with rigid environmental standards. Not only do farming families maintain a higher standard of living, but the product they produce is more sustainable than their counterparts.
  • There are circumstances where farmers are unable to financially secure the Fair Trade Certified seal. They may produce organic, environmentally sustainable coffee beans, but they lack the official seal that will give them the fairer price for their beans. Café de los Muertos will seek these farmers out as well, it is not the seal we seek, but the sustainable farming practice.


Certification Disclaimer

Although Café de los Muertos buys only the best beans, whether they are organic Fair Trade, Direct Trade, or Rain Forest Alliance, they are only certified officially up until they are roasted. Official and complete certification requires even roasters follow a stringent and long list of qualifiers to be labeled as Certified. We here at Café de los Muertos completely agree with the entire concept of economical and socially responsible trade practices but are not financially in a position to become Certified ourselves in the roasting process. We can assure you that we only roast the highest quality beans, store them in the most stringent of ways, and create a space to roast that would equal any certification process. If we can help answer any questions regarding this issue or any other questions you may have, please contact us: info@cafemuertos.com.