Construction Begins…


The cafe is now becoming more real. It has gone through several heart-breaking iterations, and survived the completely absurd bidding process. Marlin Design Build was able to hang in there with me through the rough patch and the permitting process is almost done. Andy Osterlund, my architect, has written a lengthy novel called Construction Plans, his signature stamped on every page.

I had to give up a few things to make it happen, no second mezzanine, no compressed recycled paper bar tops, and no waterless urinal. But the things that really mattered, well, they made it through. We will have a 14′ garage door to open on most days, Raleigh is pretty decent like that. The roaster made it too, the newer one, a bit bigger, a bit newer, but still not a monster. I had to say good-bye to Rita the Roaster, my Sonofresco one pound roaster. We had some great times together girl, we really did. But daddy needed the money, so godspeed you fiery red roaster, godspeed.

I have decided to stop offering mail delivery of beans during the construction process. If you are in the local Raleigh area, you can still order online, just like before, there will just be no option to mail. It is time to really focus, and as much as I love roasting, getting the cafe doors open is more important.

I have summed it up in my head, yes, we are months and months behind, but how much sweeter the juice will be. There are plenty of quippy quotes you can insert here: If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, etc, etc. I just had no idea. But then how would I, this is the first time I have ever tried.

In the coming months I will keep anyone who cares updated on the construction process via Facebook and Twitter. Plenty of pictures, plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. The excitement has been tempered by the process, but the desire is much stronger. Stop by The Hue if you are around, say hi, offer up your opinion on how it is going.