Costa Rica Tarrazu – Montanas del Diamante Estate

Costa Rica Tarrazu – Montanas del Diamante Estate

This particular coffee bean comes from the Montanas del Diamante Estate located in the Dota Valley, Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. The Gutierrez Family owns the estate, which cultivates approximately 50 hectares of coffee.

The Montanas del Diamante estate is owned by the Gutiuerrez family. Their mission is to produce excellent quality coffee while maintaining a friendly ecological, environmental, and social commitment to its producers. The farm owns and operates its own wetmill of the same name. Their facility is high tech yet energy efficient and environmentally forward. The facility prides itself on proper handling of products and conservation methods.

Plant Species: Arabica
Processing Method: Washed
Processing Description: The coffee is fully washed and patio dried.
Coffee Grade: SHB EP
Plant Varietal(s): Red Catuai

Costa Rica Coffee Facts

Population (2006): 4.1 million

People Coffee Production: 1.7 million bags (60 kg)

Country bag capacity: 150 pounds

Domestic Consumption: 380,000 bags

Coffee Export: 1,320,000 bags

Cultivated Area: 82,500 Hectares (203,775 acres)

Harvest: September to February Arabica Introduced: Coffee was first introduced into Costa Rica in 1779 from Cuba. First exportation was in 1820.

Farms: About 32,000, over half are small farms (less than 1 hectare).

Specialty Coffee Regions: Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Central Valley, Pacific Central, South Pacific Botanical Varietals: Mondo Nuevo, Hibredo/Tico, Villa Sarchi, Geisha, Caturra, Catui