Ethiopia – Natural Sidamo Guji Coop

Ethiopia – Natural Sidamo Guji Coop

The mill, owned by Girma Edema, is located in the Guji area of the Sidamo zone. Last year’s coffee sold out quickly and this year high quality Sidamo naturals are difficult to come by. Events like being the winner of multiple awards including 1st place in a recent Eastern African Fine Coffee Association’s “Taste of the Harvest” Competition don’t help in keeping this awesome coffee bean a secret.

This coffee is collected from local farmers and brought to the Guji Mill for processing. This is a natural, unwashed coffee meaning that ripe cherries, after harvesting, are left to sun dry on raised African beds and no washing nor fermentation is employed.

This coffee has some special character because:

• Only the ripest cherry is harvested and it is spread on raised beds the same day.
• Every two hours the cherries are moved, for at least 15 to 17 days, to ensure uniform drying while on the beds.
• Extra steps taken in sorting the coffee after it is hulled.

This coffee differs from other dry-process Ethiopia coffees, which are often picked at the end of the crop, bagged prematurely before being properly and fully dried. Often those coffees are dried on the ground rather than on raised beds, which provide cleaner, better aerated drying.

As a single origin espresso shot: This coffee is a good choice as a single origin espresso and, in fact, is such at several well known coffee companies and espresso bars. A light roast and proper espresso extraction will bring out much of the delicate and complex fruit this coffee offers.

True specialty coffees from Ethiopia have been harder to get the past two years as regulations of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) have temporarily shut down some arrangements that existed prior to its inception. Guji is similar in cup character to several other, very hard to get coffees including Idido Misty Valley and, Amaro Gayo Organic (which Café de los Muertos carried until we ran out… very popular).

Cup Characteristics: Very lemony and fruity coffee with complex and layered structure. Floral and berry flavors and fragrance. Vibrant, distinct cup.

Where We Roast It: We like it just past a light roast, a light-medium if you will. For espresso fans you will get to experience the lemon side of the bean, coffee pot and pour-over drinkers will get nice fruit, floral and zing. Upon request, we will roast this well into a medium roast bringing out the chocolate aspects of this bean… just ask!


1 Pound Bag: $14.00

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