Guatemala Hue Hue

Guatemala Hue Hue

This hardy and classic Central American bean is from the state Huehuetenango in Guatemala and is specifically grown by the Tello Family Estate. Imported by Vournas Coffee of Southern California, it was a featured coffee in June’s ‘Grounds for Health’ auction by The Coffee Project in California. Only a thousand to fifteen hundred bags of this single estate coffee are produced in a season.

We currently roast at a medium roast but can also produce a more chocolate, heavier version of this bean at a darker roast. Café de los Muertos goal with the medium roast is to give you a hint of chocolate, but also keep the beans uniqueness where a darker roast loses some of that regional greatness.

Located in the central highlands of Guatemala, the state of Huehuetenango produces some of the finest coffees of Central America. The beans may be among the hardest beans grown worldwide. Cultivated at an elevation of 5,000 feet and above, Huehuetenango is a coffee offering a crisp, bright acidity and rich nuttiness.

This bean is notable for it’s clean cup, syrupy body, lemon citrus highlights and deep tobacco/cocoa tones. The finish is light but lasting.

Café de los Muertos has its opinions, feel free to disagree, but we think this coffee is good for: Auto Drip, French Press, and the Chemex.
Medium Roast You can always ask us to roast a bit longer on this one, be happy to do it.