Introducing Oak City Roasters

Introducing Oak City Roasters

We are excited to announce our second roaster to be featured in the cafe on a regular basis: Oak City Roasters. We will offer Oak City Roasters beans not only packaged and ready to take home, but also as one of our in-house daily coffees!

In 2012 Oak City Coffee Roasters started up to give the people of Raleigh their own coffee – one they can love because it is delicious. Farmer-direct, roasted in downtown Raleigh, and making an impact in our city and the world. Their motto is “Love Locally, Love Globally” – meaning that they intentionally benefit everyone they reach in the best way they can make possible.

Their goals:

  • to invite people to experience the roasting process with them, first hand
  • to benefit the community in meaningful ways, beginning with hiring adults with special needs
  • to benefit farmers by using direct, generous trade routes, and eliminating poverty

They want to be unique enough, and good enough for people to be proud of. They daily ask the question “How good can a small, local company be?”

Owner Bill Landahl talks about how it all started:
“What started me in coffee was meeting a colleague at work who grew up on his father’s coffee farm in Colombia. We talked about getting his father’s coffee into the US and finding someone to roast it, and he could sell it.

I started looking into it for him on Christmas Day, 2011, and immediately realized I didn’t want to find a roaster, I wanted to be a roaster- what a great occupation- making something of quality that people love, something that could have positive impact- providing jobs locally, expressing compassion, and with the chance to return to poor regions where I had worked years before. Only now, with opportunities for prosperity. There was no way I wasn’t going to do this!

A month later I bought a 10kg commercial roaster and started learning everything from scratch. My friend John and I landed in an old Raleigh fire station (which was awesome!) and the dream started growing. If I was going to have a business, it would be built for impact- to make a difference in Raleigh and the world.”

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