Kenya AA – Jungle Estate

Kenya AA – Jungle Estate

This is an extra special and rare Kenyan. This fully washed coffee features a bright and winy acidity as we expect from a high quality Kenya, but also a flavor profile that can be described as sweet, tart, citrus, and/or orange.

About Jungle Estate
Set high in the Mt. Kenya highlands, Jungle Estate is a medium scale coffee farm producing single estate, top quality coffee. It sits between two permanent rivers at 5,800 feet above sea level on deep volcanic soils full of nutrients. Jungle Estate is home to top quality coffee due to its intrinsic climatic, geographical and soil features coupled with careful cultivation, nurturing and harvesting of the coffee beans.

The Beautiful High Place
Jungle estate was originally established by the European settlers in Kenya in the late 1920’s and named “Jungle Estate” because it was within a very dense indigenous bush. The farm has passed down two generations of European families and is currently owned by Keremara Limited. Keremara is the indigenous name (kikuyu) for a “beautiful high place”.

Coffee Production
Jungle estate specializes in production and primary processing of washed Arabica Coffee on 51 hectares (126 acres). Having been run by the same family since 1974, the farm has gained consistency in production and processing the distinctive Jungle coffee beans. Jungle coffee is selectively hand picked where only the ripe red cherry is harvested as it ripens. The cherry is then rigorously hand sorted at the wet mill to remove any undesirable cherry. The good cherry is then pre-washed, pulped and graded by density before fermentation to remove the slimy mucilage. Fermentation is monitored every thirty minutes until complete when the coffee is washed and graded again by density.

Drying of Jungle coffee takes place on raised tables drenched in the morning and evening sunlight. During the drying process, which takes two weeks, any undesirable bean is removed by hand. When dry, the coffee is stored in cool dry store before delivery to the millers for hulling, grading and marketing. Jungle coffee is sold at the Nairobi coffee Exchange between the months of January and May of each year under the brand name “Jungle”.

Cup Characteristics: A bright and winy acidity as expected from a high quality Kenya coffee, but also gives the consumer a sweet, tart, citrus, or orange taste as well. You’re welcome.

Where We Roast It: Medium roast, allowing the acidic awesomeness of fruit and sweetness shine through.