Sumatra Mandehling – Specialty Grade #1

Sumatra Mandehling – Specialty Grade #1

Oh Sumatra… Personally, I am not man enough for this beast of a bean. Super earth tones, smoky finish, it pummels me every time I drink it. But, I can tell you I hate this coffee, and it doesn’t matter. Those who love Sumatra beans… LOVE Sumatra beans. We respect that, that is why we always offer some type of Indonesian dark roast, for you, and you know who you are. Freaks…

This particular bean we just got in is a bit more special than I have had in recent memory. A sweeter taste than normal, nice finish, chocolate and earth combined. Low acidity.


 1 Pound Bag: $13.00

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Café de los Muertos has its opinions, feel free to disagree, but we think this coffee is good for: Auto Drip, or any Pour-Over technique.

Although this is the darkest bean we have usually, this particular Sumatra seems to do best a little under a dark roast, but still in the dark roast category. Plenty of oil to be seen covering the bean.