Thank you

Thank you

I have plenty of people to thank, and when there is enough downtime, I intend to list all of you out, praise you, hug you, high five you, etc.

Tonight was a good night, Larz (barista) let me go home early to spend time with Dexter and Kim. As hard as it is to leave the cafe right now, no amount of press, sales or accolades could ever beat getting home before Kim put Dexter to bed.

So appreciative of the great start Café de los Muertos was honored with by friends, new friends, family, my architect, the contractors and sub contractors, the pastry ensemble, residents of The Hue, Park Devereux, The Dawson, Cirque du Vol, CAM, the curious, the critics, my fellow roasting friends, and especially the baristas.

Writing this on a phone, so this will be short. It is overwhelming. The support and feedback, everything. I am surrounded by talented, insightful, gracious, aware, and positive people, may I never take them for granted.

Come on in, we are FINALLY open.
300 West Hargett Street