The Coffee Roasters

Although we will roast our beans inside the cafe, we also have taken a unique approach in our total bean selection. We have carefully selected 2 other local Raleigh roasters to showcase their beans inside the cafe. Each roaster brings their own skill-set, mission statement, regional preference, and overall coffee roasting knowledge to the cafe. What we all share, across the board, is a desire to support one another, grow in a positive way, and learn from each other the magical art of coffee roasting. Please read more about each roaster below:

Café de los Muertos

Café de los Muertos is a artisan coffee roastery that specializes in Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee. We hope to promote coffee sustainability by supporting truly beneficial relationships among coffee bean farmers and our customers.

We have been roasting unique coffee beans for 3 years now, with the majority of our sales occurring online. The cafe represents not only a venue to offer our beans, but also a place for other local roasters to show off their talents. There is more to roasting green beans until they become brown. Establishing relationships with importers, suppliers, shippers, and even farmers is only the beginning of the task at hand. We have worked hard to choose roasters that share similar values, we all want to be successful, but not at any cost. Each roaster brings their unique attitude and strategy to make the world a slightly better place.

Café de los Muertos will focus their bean offerings from Central America. There is no other region on earth that has a more sustainable plan in place than this area, where organic coffee is standard, responsible and thoughtful farming is expected, and award-winning beans are produced year after year. Another Café de los Muertos goal is to be part of the ever growing movement towards more responsible business practices through the use of 100% compostable materials, reusable and recycled utensils, and up-cycled cafe building materials and decor. Becoming a conduit to a neighborhood, a community, a city, for things greater than ourselves.

Finally, we hope to find innovative and exciting ways to support our local community through partnerships with food banks, charities, and anyone in need. Finding unique ways to raise money that goes directly to individuals and families in need of financial support in our great town of Raleigh is integral to the mission of the cafe. We are fully aware of how lucky we are, and nothing is more electric than seeing a small amount of charity directly affect the lives of someone that lives down the street with you, or works in your building. Someone unable to find a job or a family in need, a small amount of money directed towards their immediate needs is always a success.

Oak City Roasters

In 2012 Oak City Coffee Roasters started up to give the people of Raleigh their own coffee – one they can love because it is delicious. Farmer-direct, roasted in downtown Raleigh, and making an impact in our city and the world. Their motto is “Love Locally, Love Globally” – meaning that they intentionally benefit everyone they reach in the best way they can make possible.

Their goals:

  • to invite people to experience the roasting process with them, first hand
  • to benefit the community in meaningful ways, beginning with hiring adults with special needs
  • to benefit farmers by using direct, generous trade routes, and eliminating poverty

They want to be unique enough, and good enough for people to be proud of. They daily ask the question “How good can a small, local company be?”

Owner Bill Landahl talks about how it all started:
“What started me in coffee was meeting a colleague at work who grew up on his father’s coffee farm in Colombia. We talked about getting his father’s coffee into the US and finding someone to roast it, and he could sell it.

I started looking into it for him on Christmas Day, 2011, and immediately realized I didn’t want to find a roaster, I wanted to be a roaster- what a great occupation- making something of quality that people love, something that could have positive impact- providing jobs locally, expressing compassion, and with the chance to return to poor regions where I had worked years before. Only now, with opportunities for prosperity. There was no way I wasn’t going to do this!

A month later I bought a 10kg commercial roaster and started learning everything from scratch. My friend John and I landed in an old Raleigh fire station (which was awesome!) and the dream started growing. If I was going to have a business, it would be built for impact- to make a difference in Raleigh and the world.”

oak city roasters

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Raleigh Coffee Company

The first roaster that signed up to offer their beans at the cafe was Raleigh Coffee Company. We offer Raleigh Coffee Company beans not only packaged and ready to take home, but also as one of our daily in-house coffees. You win, we win, we all win!

Raleigh Coffee Company started in December of 2012. It began as a back porch hobby and quickly evolved into a functioning roastery, in the back of a local grocery store. As a Raleigh native, Joe, the owner of Raleigh Coffee Company, is inspired to be on the front lines of the growing coffee industry in Raleigh and is excited about sharing his art of coffee roasting to the local community. What keeps Joe interested in growing is the constant mission to seek perfection in coffee. Joe mentions, “Once you know the fundamentals, there are so many variables that branch out from standardization with coffee. It is really left up to the artist to develop an awesome product for others to enjoy.”


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