Our Newest Food Vendor – The Celiac Cakery!

Four Generations of CeliacsGluten Free products are provided by The Celiac Cakery which was established in 2010 by Noreen Fitzmaurice, a native of Ireland, and a 3rd generation celiac. While not everyone that is sensitive to Gluten is Celiac, Noreen products are produced to a standard that are delicious and safe for everyone wishing to avoid Gluten.

Noreen’s grandmother was one of the first people in Ireland diagnosed with Celiac Disease when wheat products became available after World War 2. With recipes handed down from generation to generation and many she developed herself, Noreen proves that Gluten Free does not have to require a sacrifice of good flavor and texture.

The Celiac Cakery is a licensed home bakery, with dedicated gluten free cookware and ovens to ensure that everything they make is Gluten Free. In addition Noreen recognizes that many that are sensitive to Gluten can also have an adverse reaction to dairy. As a result several of the options provided to Cafe de Los Muertos are both Gluten & Dairy free. In addition Noreen posts full ingredient lists for all Cafe de Los Muertos products on her website so everyone be fully aware of what each product contains.

The Celiac Cakery is very excited to partner with Mac and his team to bring the very best to customers in Raleigh.

Please visit our website to see other offerings from the Celiac Cakery including made to order special occasion cakes, Gluten Free cooking lessons and so much more.


Noreen Fitzmaurice


The Celiac Cakery




WEBSITE: www.theceliaccakery.com

EMAIL: info@theceliaccakery.com