The Food Artists

Using the “Support Local” formula for coffee, we also plan to use that same plan for our pastries, desserts, salads, and other goodies. Please read more about each food artist below:

P.G. Werth's

As a young child, Chef Hamm was surrounded by a family of great cooks. Throughout his school years, he would always prepare class projects using food anytime possible. He also enjoyed school and had a young dream to become a kindergarten teacher. This was inspired, he believes, by having great teachers throughout his younger years. Upon entering middle school, he participated in every event possible that involved food. He was never into sports, but one day he stumbled upon the concession stand featured food prepared by the local foods and occupational classes, overseen by two very inspiring teachers whom he had yet to get to know: Patricia Werth and Mickey Todd. Over the next few years, Chef Hamm became old enough to take Mrs. Werth’s class. With her support and guidance, along with the support of family, he continued to study foods and entered a recipe contest that was in its second year from Johnson and Wales University. He had never heard of the school, but Mrs. Werth assured him it was a great one!

After much work on recipes, with again the guidance of his family and teacher, he created and submitted a recipe into the contest. Much to his surprise, he became one of the top 10 finalists and was off to Rhode Island for the live competition. Chef Hamm later won 1st runner-up for this event and landed a scholarship to JWU. The rest is history! He continued to learn foods and enjoy education. At this point he had transformed his dream of teaching kindergarten to teaching culinary arts.

Now 20 years after entering into the industry, Chef Hamm has continued to grow his passion for Culinary Arts and Education. He taught Culinary Arts at Lee County High School for 12 years then entered the college level of instruction in 2011 with Central Carolina Community College. He is now the Executive Director/Dean of the Central Carolina Culinary Institute at Central Carolina Community College and the Owner/Executive Chef of Chef Hamm, Inc., which includes Cafe 121, P.G. Werths, The Suite at 121, and The Venue at 121. These educational programs and restaurants allow him the opportunity to continually grow within the industry and to help inspire others who are passionate for the Culinary and Hospitality Industry.

The Menu.
Rooted in the traditional flavors of the Carolina mountains, the menu at PG Werth’s is equal parts old-school comfort and new-school technique. Fresh. Local. Delicious.Come see what we’re writing home about.

The Market.
Don’t have time to cook? We’re here to help!
Get a delicious (and healthy!) dinner for two, or a whole spread of bites for your next get together. We slave over the stove so you don’t have to.


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Sweet Jane's Bakery

Sweet Jane´s Bakery was first established back 1988 in the south part of Durham, North Carolina. Since then it has become the favorite “old fashioned” bakery for many Raleigh-Durham families, RTP companies, Cafes, Restaurants and Catering companies. Although Sweet Jane´s Bakery has evolved during all these years to meet the current standards of the modern patisserie, our traditional way of baking products made from scratch using only fresh and natural ingredients provided by NC local producers are our most important value.

At Sweet Jane´s Bakery we break our own eggs, peel our own apples, roll our own pastry, and squeeze our own lemons. We use only the finest imported chocolate, the freshest butter and cream, the highest quality in-season fruit, no mixes (as many bakeries do), and no preservatives.

We are known for our famous Carrot Cake, Red Velvet cake, Tiramisu, Cheesecakes variety and most specially our Bars ideal for any time of day or as a catering dessert.  We can also mention some among the great variety of cakes that we proudly make: Coconut Cake, Country Pineapple Cake, Praline cake, Hummingbird Cake and many others.

We can also make customized cakes and desserts to meet your event needs. Our custom cakes are famous for their beauty and quality !

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The Phantom Baker
The Phantom’s human form was born on a cold day many, many years ago.  Growing up, this human had varied interests, from the arts to the sciences-excelling at sports and school-but ultimately turned to the dark side of loud music and late nights.  Beneath the surface was an undeniable hunger for all things sweet.  Much to this human’s dismay, grocery store shelves contained only sad examples of chemical-laden sugar bombs.  Local bakeries touted amazing confections that often weren’t up to par.  There was a period of deep sadness fueled by chocolate cravings and sugar withdrawal, but soon those late nights were filled with hours of research and baking.  The Phantom Baker emerged, vowing to save the human race from mediocrity…one tastebud at a time.
The Phantom Baker currently offers “Phantom Fuel”, a line of all-natural granola bars. The Phantom’s Favorite (Peanut), Archer’s Almond, and Sergeant’s Seed bars are currently available.  All of these bars are moderately chewy, but with a lot of texture. These flavors currently contain cranberries and chocolate chips, but that can be modified through special orders – just ask.

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The Vegan Lover

The VL was birthed out of the desire for quality vegan and gluten free options. As a couple Abena and Kwadjo embarked on their vegan journey together and later brought their children into the fold. As the family expanded meeting their dietary needs became increasingly difficult due to their children’s allergies.

The lightbulb moment came at a birthday party where their children were unable to partake in the desserts. Of course no parent wants their children to be left out so Abena had the determined idea to create desserts so great that their children wouldn’t feel like they were missing out.

Out of love she worked tirelessly on her recipes until the day of the next birthday party. Not only were her cupcakes enjoyed by her own children but they were a hit with the other children of the party as well. Soon she was being requested to provide baked goods for neighborhood events and parties for consumption by vegans as well as those who are v-curious.

Fast forward and the same goods created out of love so many years ago are now being enjoyed in many of your fine local establishments. The Vegan Lover was birthed out of a philosophy. The philosophy is to do what you love and love what you do in service of the people. If you are able to do this, the way to happiness and good fortune will always be yours.