We are Café de los Muertos (Coffee of the Dead), and we are supremely dedicated to the perfect coffee cup, the perfect espresso, the perfect coffee experience.  Café de los Muertos is a artisan coffee roastery that specializes in organic Fair Trade and Direct Trade coffee. We hope to promote coffee sustainability by supporting truly beneficial relationships among coffee bean farmers and our customers.

We have been roasting unique coffee beans for almost two years now, with the majority of our sales occurring online. We are in the process of establishing a coffee house in Raleigh, NC where we will continue to offer artisan roasts of the best coffees online, but also offer these beans in a cafe as unique as our product offerings.

One goal is to shed more light on the much over-looked Mexican and Central American coffee bean offerings. There is no other region on earth that has a more sustainable plan in place than this area, where organic coffee is standard, responsible and thoughtful farming is expected, and highly rated beans are produced year after year. Another Café de los Muertos goal is to be part of the ever growing movement towards more responsible business practices through the use of 100% compostable materials, reusable and recycled utensils, and up-cycled cafe building materials and decor. Becoming a conduit to a neighborhood, a community, a city, for things greater than ourselves. And doing this while enjoying one hell of a cup of coffee. And finally, we hope to find innovative and exciting ways to support our local community through partnerships with food banks, charities, and anyone in need. Finding unique ways to raise money that goes directly to individuals and families in need of financial support in our great town of Raleigh is integral to our mission. We are fully aware of how lucky we are, and nothing is more electric than seeing a small amount of charity directly affect the lives of someone that lives down the street with you, or works in your building, or can’t even find work.


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