Yemen Mocha Matari

Yemen Mocha Matari

Genuine Mocha coffee only comes from Yemen, from a small port on the Red Sea of Yemen’s west coast (located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula) known as Al-Makha or Al-Mocha or Al-Mokka or simply, Mocha. Yemen Mocha is among the world’s most unique coffees. A heavy bodied coffee with a little milk chocolate and a bit of truffle taste. This Matari also has some very subtle fruity spice to cinnamon notes. Yemen beans are notorious for roasting unevenly, but don’t be tempted to sort them – this translates to a complex, interesting cup that’s never exactly the same twice. The aroma of the ground coffee is exotic and heady; take a moment to savor it before brewing no matter how desperate you are for your morning fix.

Although not certified, this coffee is definitely organic.

Dry Processed


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Café de los Muertos has its opinions, feel free to disagree, but we think this coffee is good for: Auto Drip, French Press, and any pour-over technique.
Medium Roast The medium roast should bring you the full spectrum of fruit-spice-wine-flavors.