Welcome to our cafe!

Over 100 discarded pallets were used during construction, including walls, bartops, and tables.

We work to create art in everything we do

Our Mission

Roast and serve great coffee.

Showcase other roasters as well as local food artists.

Share stories, be good listeners, and never stop learning.

What We’re Currently Roasting

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Weekly Specials


Bartender’s Choice






All Hue residents!

Because it’s Tuesday – $2 Bottled Beer

Cafe de los Muertos - tuesday specials


Wino Wednesday

$4 House Wines

$6 All Others

 cafe muertos - beer skull

Thirsty Thursday

$2 Draft Beer


Citrix Employees!

Free 12 ounce coffee w/ purchase of a pastry!

We need a special for Saturday?


Mimosa Sunday!


 Celebrate America with us this weekend! Focus on not apologizing for awesomeness while you pound a 20 ounce draft beer for $4!  Just how he do...  Honored to be featured in Inc Magazine this month: http://www.inc.com/magazine/201607/zoe-henry/networking-hubs-entrepreneurial-cities.html  Tuesday night.
 4th of July Weekend Special! All you can drink for $4! Just kidding... $4 draft beer in a 20 ounce glass, doing our part to "Make America Great Again" this Fri-Mon!  Tooting horns: Our Torta game is strong. Carnita Torta, pulled pork, guacamole, heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, and secret sauce. Debuting this week.  Larz made some beautiful foam art this morning. I planned on taking a picture of it and posting it. But I drank it first instead. So the art is gone as you can see. Happy Wednesday!  Cafe de los Muertos now offering snacks for our #vegan buddies from @akavl they are also *mostly* gluten free #whatveganseat #vegansofig #vegansnacks #raleigheats #dtr #raleighcoffee #raleigh

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