Welcome to our cafe!

Over 100 discarded pallets were used during construction, including walls, bartops, and tables.

We work to create art in everything we do

Our Mission

Roast and serve great coffee.

Showcase other roasters as well as local food artists.

Share stories, be good listeners, and never stop learning.

What We’re Currently Roasting

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Weekly Specials


Bartender’s Choice






All Hue residents!

Because it’s Tuesday – $2 Bottled Beer

Cafe de los Muertos - tuesday specials


Wino Wednesday

$4 House Wines

$6 All Others

 cafe muertos - beer skull

Thirsty Thursday

$2 Draft Beer


Citrix Employees!

Free 12 ounce coffee w/ purchase of a pastry!

We need a special for Saturday?


Mimosa Sunday!


 Love these guys! #hardpostersforlife #cafemuertos  Tomorrow, January 14th, get your jog on with @runologie starting 9am at @cafemuertos! Get yourself a FREE coffee before or after! I know jogging is severely 1984, but tomorrow I have been told is strictly for JOGGERS. Only Semi-Serious Joggers interested in Hard Joggin'!  Come on out to the cafe this Saturday for a great run put on by @runologie. Free espresso before or after the run! Be at the cafe, 9am. 300 West Hargett St. #hardpost #runologie #cafemuertos #latterun #runfaster  Welcome our newest hot mess, Kaylan Titanica, to the team! Happy to serve and confuse you 5 days a week... #hardpost #cafemuertos
 Dreary day but café full of folks today! #hardpost #caffeineandprotesting  Today marks our 3 year anniversary! Not sure how, but it's best to not ask questions. From employees and vendors to the original designers, construction crews and advocates, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Without question, a unique and memorable journey.  Larz and Dexter cupping some new Zambia - Mafinga Hills. First roast by Larz, just after first crack. #hardpost #cafemuertos  Thanksgiving Hours: 7am-2pm. Come see Larzie Larz and Brett this Thursday! #hardpost

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