Welcome to our cafe!

Over 100 discarded pallets were used during construction, including walls, bartops, and tables.

We work to create art in everything we do

Our Mission

Roast and serve great coffee.

Showcase other roasters as well as local food artists.

Share stories, be good listeners, and never stop learning.

What We’re Currently Roasting

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All Hue residents!

Because it’s Tuesday – $2 Bottled Beer

Cafe de los Muertos - tuesday specials


Wino Wednesday

$4 House Wines

$6 All Others

 cafe muertos - beer skull

Thirsty Thursday

$2 Draft Beer


Citrix Employees!

Free 12 ounce coffee w/ purchase of a pastry!

We need a special for Saturday?


Mimosa Sunday!


 Thanksgiving Hours: 7am-2pm. Come see Larzie Larz and Brett this Thursday! #hardpost  Whether your wheels needs an engine or feet, we here at the cafe tip our caps to those that rock two wheels! Almost two years in the making, big shout out to @bighennn and his steadfast dedication to completing the cafe's official café racer. 1978 Yamaha 750.  Pick up a big 16 ounce bag of Bali today!  $3 all day, every day, until we run out!
 Hope everyone spent a second today to reflect why the banks weren't open, the kids not in school. Thank a veteran, buy them a cup of coffee or beer. Artwork by @pblarz  If a seven year old can wait in line to vote, then you have no excuse. Go vote. Now.  This special weekend, get your drank on with $2 cans of Uintas Black Lager and Punk'n Pumpkin Ale as well as a $5 Spooky bourbon barrel aged ale with pumpkin purée, 750ml! This is real, this is happening now, this is going on all weekend.  Our friends above are giving themselves a fresh coat of paint, the street is half-closed, parking is blocked, and maneuvering through their massive metal jungle is not for the weak of heart. So, thank you to all that endure, thank you for fighting through it all. They say it'll only be another month or so... stay strong and we will be there for you when you get through to the other side...

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