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Do It Your Way: Retain Your Restaurant’s Autonomy With Your Own Online Ordering App

All business owners want to be in control of their organizations. Whatever field they may be operating in, proprietors desire to keep their establishments autonomous and free of pressures from external parties. The food and beverage sector is no special case. As a restaurant operator, you would like to be able to run your eatery in the way you think is best without anyone from outside dictating terms to you. To remain independent, it is important to be in charge of the different operational aspects of your restaurant. 

It is redundant to state that food and drink orders are what drive your establishment’s revenue. No matter what type of restaurant you may be running, you need the orders to keep rolling in to make money. Ideally, you should have multiple sales channels to expand your earning potential. That said, unless you own your order channels, no matter how many orders you receive each day, you will not be able to retain the money you make. 

An online ordering app has proven to be a cash cow for restaurants across America. From offering restaurants a lifeline during the pandemic-related shutdowns, the mobile ordering app has evolved into a lucrative source of business. With one caveat – since the fees and commissions charged by third-party platforms cut deep into the already slim profits of a restaurant, the eating and drinking places that have increased their income have done so with their own custom-branded online ordering app.

Your Restaurant, Your App

The Applova restaurant online ordering app can be set-up in a matter of minutes using your eatery’s existing computer. You do not need to purchase any expensive hardware and there are no maintenance costs. Its simple user interface requires no coding and your staff can easily run and manage it. There are no hefty commissions and the monthly fee is so nominal that you can recoup it almost immediately. You can customize the app with your logo and photos, making it distinctive and unique, giving your restaurant an edge over your competitors.  

With Applova you have complete control over how you wish to run the order process.  You can choose your preferred delivery area, demarcating the distance you are willing to travel to. You are also able to assign your own delivery agents. While on the face of it, it may seem less trouble to outsource your delivery, using third party agents can compromise the quality of your food and thereby damage your restaurant’s reputation. When you hire your own personnel to deliver your food, you can train them in the proper handling procedures ensuring that your food reaches your customers in the best condition. Because they are hired by you, the loyalty they have to your establishment will motivate them to uphold the highest standards. Tips given by customers go directly to your agents without any outside parties intercepting the payment or grabbing a portion of it. 

Connecting With Customers

When you sign up for an Applova restaurant online ordering app you gain unfettered access to your customers’ details. This allows you to establish contact with them through SMS and email. You can make announcements, share details of special offers and promotions, and introduce the latest additions to your menu. Having a direct link to your customers facilitates better service – sometimes a simple wish on their birthday will accrue valuable brownie points for your restaurant!

There are so many marketing strategies you can implement only with your own custom-branded restaurant online ordering app. Through a loyalty program and digital stamp card, you will be able to entice more purchases. The promise of discounts and freebies are also an effective way to convert new customers to regulars. Promotions solely meant for loyalty members create a sense of exclusivity that becomes another powerful incentive to buy from your restaurant. Push notifications that are targeted and well timed will give your customers a gentle nudge to place another order. 

Actionable Insights Through Data Analytics

Aggregators are very protective of the data their apps churn and it is very rare that they share this information with individual restaurants. Their guarded approach towards data stems from their understanding of its value. When you have an Applova restaurant online ordering app, the data is all yours. The data analytics function sorts and collates the numbers for you, giving you a clear picture of your restaurant’s performance. Beyond that, the analytics will highlight purchase patterns to help you make more sound decisions and so increase your revenue. 

Be A Force To Contend With

The food and beverage industry is currently plagued with so many issues that for a majority of restaurants it is a fight for survival. To thrive in this chaotic context, your restaurant needs to be resilient. By enabling autonomy in the order process you can fortify your restaurant to withstand most of the vagaries of the market. Use your own custom-branded restaurant online ordering app and soar to success. 

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