Red Rice Yeast

Busy times for many people, for me regular and varied food was not an option either during the last year. As a result, my cholesterol started to rise, but not to the extent that I had to go on medication- yet! So I started looking for a natural remedy, and soon I came across red rice yeast. It has long been celebrated in the East for its powerful medicinal properties, and recently it gained some fame over here. Red rice yeast is one of the few natural supplements that contain active ingredients almost identical to those found in prescription medications. Moreover, the benefits of red rice yeast go beyond lowering cholesterol levels.

How does it help?

Heart disease is a serious condition that affects millions of people and is estimated to be responsible for 31.5{00d26bc7aae2dc39fc84e72fff6fb7b2a6f12414979673e2c24117530a4def58} of all deaths worldwide. High cholesterol – one of the major risk factors for heart disease – can lead to narrowing and stiffening of the arteries, leading to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Red yeast rice is fermented rice that contains the compound monacolin K – the same active ingredient found in prescription cholesterol-lowering drugs such as lovastatin. It might also have fewer adverse side effects than prescription drugs used to treat high cholesterol.

So this is the cost-effective alternative to expensive medications that is helping me lower my cholesterol and keep my heart healthy! But there’s more: research has also shown other beneficial effects from red rice yeast ranging from reduced cancer cell growth to improved blood sugar and insulin levels.

Naturally, you need to buy it from a trusted supplier, the yeast should not be too high in monacolin K after all. I got mine from, a pan- European webshop that specializes in fermentation and DIY cheeses, sausages, and charcuterie- these lasts items exactly what got my cholesterol up in the first place. It’s your one stop shop!

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