Special Announcement from BBQs2u About Their New Business

BBQs2u as people of the UK know as barbecue enthusiasts having a wealth of grilling knowledge that they also enjoy sharing with their customers too. They can offer barbeque for everyone, whether one prefers gas-fired or charcoal-fired.

Now they have entered into a business of selling and distributing the best ovens of the world like Ooni Koda, Kamado Joe, and Napoleon BBQ, etc.

Because BBQs2u has always been very passionate about barbeques. Hence, now their customer can expect the best customer service and support for all these ovens that are meant for making the same barbeque that they have been serving people of the UK so far.

Oven from Ooni Koda

Ooni has been on the market for a few years, but its most recent oven, the Ooni Koda 16, was released in March. Learning how to make a decent pizza at home was at the top of the list of everyone these days as it can burn a hole in the pocket if someone visits restaurants every day to eat a decent pizza.

Ooni Koda is not a new name for those who love barbeques and pizzas. One can use these ovens and can always get an eye-catching result. Within 30 minutes after unpacking, it from the box, a user can cook chewy, crispy, and well-cooked Neapolitan-style pizza. 

What people have been eating in the BBQs2u restaurants can now be prepared out of their own hands by any user who may not be even familiar with cooking at all. The 800°C+ baking surface of Ooni after a couple of disasters on pizza launching will make that possible.

In addition to that, complete service support will be offered by BBQs2u whom people have been trusting to get the best barbeque foods and pizzas are now in a new Avatar.  

Kamado Joe Classic III

From Kamado Joe, the Classic III is the 3rd generation model and is a very popular and innovative take on the traditional kamado grill. It is built with the same thick-walled and high-fired ceramic shell, like its predecessor model, the Classic II.

This new model from Kamado Joe will lock in smoke, heat, and moisture to offer the meal a complete 360° treatment that other types of barbecues simply cannot provide.

In addition, unlike many other barbecues, this model from Kamado Joe UK is as versatile as its predecessor! Users can grill, bake, or smoke almost anything on this single unit. This Classic III model could easily replace any other oven in the kitchen.

In addition to that BBQs2u will offer all services and spare support at a very affordable cost for UK customers and there is no need for a long wait for any spare parts if by chance any component and parts ever fail. 

By virtue of different social network sites like Facebook, BBQs2u has already become popular as a barbeque and pizza supplier in the UK. 

Now their new business of selling ovens for making the same foods is also going to reach the same height in popularity.  

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