What are the different sizes of cake boxes you can buy?

In recent times, especially during the pandemic, the baker in everyone has emerged and many home bakers, professional bakers, and café owners have grown their businesses. The demand for baked goods like cakes has increased because cakes are a must in every festival and party. Be it Diwali, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, farewell parties, and other such occasions, there is a cake that is a perfect fit for it.

Every cake is special because it is made with love for someone loved. For every unique cake, there is a beautiful cake box that holds it to make it look more stunning and delicious.

There are different types of boxes that come in different sizes to fit the customized cakes made for loved ones.

Why is it important to have the right box for your cake?

Boxes of cakes come in different sizes and designs. Whether you are a home baker, professional baker, or café owner, you will need boxes to deliver and pack your cakes.

It is important to have the right box because:

  • It adds a design and presentation element to your cake. To make a cake look more tempting, having it in the right box is crucial.
  • If the box is too small then the presentation of the cakes could get damaged and if it is too big the cake wouldn’t stay stable; both ways, the cake could end up being a disaster.
  • Boxes keep cakes fresh and away from flies or insects

What are the different sizes of boxes that can be used for cakes?

The different box dimensions that one can use are:

  • 8 inches X 8 inches X 5 inches
  • 10 inches X 10 inches X 5 inches
  • 10 inches X 10 inches X 10 inches
  • 8 inches X 8 inches X 7 inches

The Bottom Line

There are many other sizes and someones, one can also customize boxes. Some of these boxes come with handles while others don’t. Others come with a transparent window so people can see the cake without having to open the box.

Boxes are as important as the cake inside so choose your boxes carefully!

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