7 Tips to Control Restaurant Spending in 2022

The goal was always to keep food and labor expenses under control, even before Covid. That is more crucial now than it has ever been. Using food delivery software you can definitely do this. 

We’ll look at seven ways to keep restaurant spending under control in 2022 in this post.

Manage and Track Your Inventory

One of the main reasons restaurants struggle to keep track of their spending is because they don’t have a good hold on their inventory.

  • Monitoring and charting your inventory allows you to always know where the money is going.
  • You want to keep track of your inventory every day at the same time.
  • You can determine your food cost percentage to save money by understanding your inventory adequately.

Track the Cost of Your Goods Sold

This is something one should do on a regular basis. This necessitates cost analysis. You can track all costs of your sold goods with the correct software. This includes the cost of producing each of your food menu items.

Reduce Your Waste

Another wise business option is to cut down on waste in your restaurant.

Make absolutely sure you have a strategy in place to guarantee that your team understands how much goes through each dish and how much goes into each plate. Furthermore, assign someone to rotate your seasonal produce, dairy, and poultry goods. As they approach their expiration dates, you’ll have a plan in place to use them up.

Take a Look at Portion Control

Your meal expenses will skyrocket if you over-portion your plates.

To keep restaurant costs down, plate your meal properly and don’t over serve.

Additionally, keep an eye on the following issues on a regular basis because they can drive up your costs:

  • Recognize how so much food is sent to the cooking by diners since it’s not up to par.
  • Consider what more food is thrown out in the kitchen as a result of being burned or prepared incorrectly.
  • Make sure you’re aware of how much of your additional portions are discarded.

Pay Attention to Staff Costs

Staff expenditures are another major drain on your budget. Many restaurants do a good job of managing labor expenditures, while others struggle.

Take a look at a couple of these suggestions:

  • Check to see how many tables you served each night in the past. Make a forecast for how many diners and tables you expect in the coming month.
  • Establish a schedule for who will work each shift. You don’t want to arrange a crew of inexperienced workers because they will be slower and less productive. Make sure you have a good mix of experienced and inexperienced employees. You’ll be able to handle your tables with ease and won’t be overstaffed.
  • When it comes to set-up and tear-down, don’t hire as many employees. This does not necessitate the use of your entire wait staff.
  • Consider sending a limited number of employees home on slow nights when you have to send them home. They won’t go home empty-handed this way.

Use Menu Engineering

Engineering your menu for success is another approach to keep your spending under control. Menu engineering allows you to determine the popularity and economics of specific menu options.

Drop any menu items that aren’t lucrative, especially if they aren’t popular. If they’re popular, look into food costs to see how you can create them as cheaply as possible.

Make the most of your low-margin menu items by promoting them to help you keep track of your expenses and increase your income.

Talk with Your Suppliers

Finally, collaborate with your food vendors like they do in pizza ordering system. Talk about strategies to save money on food.

Check with other vendors to see if anybody can provide you with a better deal. If you find a cheaper price, contact your preferred vendor to see if they could match it.

Final Thoughts

Control both the cost of food and the cost of labor. Plan your meals, train your employees, and keep an optimistic future. Make sure you have a plan in place for both the good and bad times.

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