Substitute of Garlic Cloves That You Can Use

Garlic is one of those items which bring both taste and flavor to food. It is one of the most common ingredients in most kitchens worldwide. Fresh garlic cloves add a certain flavor to the dishes which makes them stand out. There are many dishes which cannot be prepared without garlic. But it is not uncommon to run out of it exactly when you need it most. Today there are many substitutes in the market that can actually help you to bring the flavor to the food.

Garlic powder

It is one of the most common items that are not only widely available but also widely used in kitchens and restaurants. When you have no fresh garlic cloves at your disposal, you can go for the powdered form of garlic. Do people often ask about how much garlic powder equals one clove? This measurement is necessary when a certain dish asks for a specific number of garlic cloves. Usually, 1/8th of a teaspoon of powder can replace one clove of garlic.

Minced jarred garlic

This one is quite closer to the texture and flavor of fresh garlic. Having this product can help you to use it as a potent substitute. Half teaspoon minced garlic can be added in the place of a fresh garlic clove. Get the amount right and you are ready to go with the dish.

Garlic flakes

The measurement is nearly the same as minced garlic. The flakes are basically minced garlic in dehydrated form. When used in dishes with liquid, it again returns to its hydrated form.

Garlic salt

Among all the substitutes, this is the least used item. This is the least resort you might want to try when you have nothing else. Always balance the amount of salt in the dish to maintain both flavor and taste.

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