Where To Eat Orh Nee In Singapore?

When you ask any person in Singapore, they will say about their favorite desserts, orh nee. If you are new to the desert, you must know that it is a yam paste that is sweet and savory. The warm Curry is likely to be cooked in some oil and served with pumpkin and ginkgo nuts paste. Even though it is not challenging to create a fantastic dish but of course, to master it honestly, you need to have some skills and experience. Typically orh nee in Singapore is presented at weddings. Several bakeries serve authentic dessert with a modern test and craft something special for dessert lovers.

Tips For Eating Orh Nee In Singapore

  • Keong Saik Bakery

The flavors inspired the bakery, so of course, there is a croissant cube also available on the menu. It is generally eaten between the desert and a branch as the buttery pastry is made with thick yam paste and steamed yam cubes for excellent measure. The best part is that the yam paste is made in-house.

  • The Patisserie

If you are looking for a versatile dessert, you must binge on Mille crepes, and of course, you can also try their Orh nee crepes as it features yam scented crepes. All the French crepes comprise authentically scented yam layered with silky and delightful pastry cream and delicious Taro cubes.

  • Luna

Since its opening the previous year, the restaurant has gained a lot of prominence. The bakery is designed with a minimalistic touch that offers insta worthy pictures, but the bakes here are indeed not to miss out for. If you are looking for orh nee in Singapore, you should look no further as Luna is your go-to option. The desert features a fantastic creamy texture and infuses elements from people’s contemporary cakes. There, jinko paste is found between the fluffy vanilla sponge and is topped with coconut-infused cream, which refreshes the desert.

  • City Donut

In Singapore, stuffed Donuts are pretty prominent, and if you are tired of the typical ones, you need to look no further as you can go for Orh Nee Donuts, which will excite your taste buds. The creamy paste and the beautiful Yan treat oozes out the Donuts that make your day special.

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