Why Choose The Industrial Grade Paddy Dryers?

Drying is one of the many important processes that are followed while the grains are purified and are left to reach the market. From the time the concept of growing cereals, legumes, and grains are followed, the idea of drying grains is an unavoidable step. With the improvement in technology, it has become more simple in the past few decades.

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You can find many options in the world of paddy dryers and also find the one that offers everything that you are looking for from it. Check for the options and purchase the best one for you.

Industrial Grain Dryer

The grain dryers are the units that are the ideal choice for removing the unwanted moisture content from paddy, and other such grains and legumes.

These are available in either single crop drying options or in multiple crop drying options. For the industrial-level activities in agriculture, these are the ideal choice.

The drying of crops is carried out in 4 consecutive phases. They are,

  1. Unloading
  2. Loading
  3. Drying
  4. Cooling

Every grain drying unit offers to carry out all these phases in a single unit. This is the case of continuous cycles. In the case of the discontinuous cycles, these steps are carried out in different ways, but in the same machine.

Continuous cycle dryers are also known as tower dryers and are ideal for such options where there is the involvement of storage silos and elevators.

Choosing the ideal type of dryer

The companies that handle large quantities of grains for many purposes require more structured grain drying units that can handle more quantities of products at a time.

In the case of small farming structures, mobile grain dryers can do the job. When there are large quantities of grain that require thorough handling, industrial grain dryers are the best choice.

Benefits of choosing industrial-grade driers

  1. Reduction in the wastage and also the loss of grains
  2. Reduction in the time consumption
  3. Increase in the profits and value

Features of a paddy drying machine

Here is a detailed explanation of the features of industrial-grade grain dryers.

  • It is ideal for all kinds of paddy grains
  • The uniform steaming and temperature circulation is possible
  • The design of the dryers is finalized based on some materials such as stainless steel, and the main focus here is to not harm the grains while drying
  • Maintenance cost is quite low
  • The labor cost is reduced up to minimal
  • Every time 5{00d26bc7aae2dc39fc84e72fff6fb7b2a6f12414979673e2c24117530a4def58} moisture content is reduced from the grains, the machine runs for 5 hours

Drying test

The main focus of cleaning paddies is to make sure that every unit of straws is removed from them. Before loading the paddies into the dryer unit, the level of impurities is measured so that the aftereffects can be compared.

Once the dryer unit is done with the work, you can check the before and after weight of the paddies to measure the amounts of impurities that were present in them.

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