5 Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Catering in Singapore

One essential step in planning a wedding is choosing the best wedding catering in Singapore. Remember that the food will be one factor that all guests will remember about your wedding, so choosing the right one is crucial to make your wedding perfect. The best caterer should be able to match the needs of the wedding perfectly, from the theme of the wedding to the guests who will be eating the food. Here are five factors to consider when choosing the best wedding caterer for your special day.

1. Number of Guests

On the one hand, a food shortage is the last thing you want during your wedding. It’ll result in many unhappy guests, which might ruin the memories that you’re trying to make. On the other hand, having too much food may result in wasted food and money. Try to find the perfect balance by finalising your guest list first, then consulting your caterer on their recommended number of servings. For example, if it’s a small and intimate wedding, you may only need a mini buffet catering in Singapore.

2. Wedding Theme

The theme was most likely one of the first things you decided during the wedding planning process. It dictates how the rest of your planning will go, from the decorations to the colour scheme to the food. Having your food match the rest of your wedding theme will bring a sense of cohesiveness to the entire event, impressing your guests even further. For example, consider getting high tea catering in Singapore if your wedding is Victorian-themed.

3. Dietary Restrictions

The last thing you want to happen during your wedding is someone getting sick, so before you finalise your catering menu, ask all of your guests if they have any dietary requirements or restrictions you should know. Also, this accommodation shouldn’t just apply to dietary restrictions for health’s sake; for example, if you have Muslim guests, ensure that you have halal catering options in Singapore for them.

4. Specialities

There are plenty of catering companies available, but to make your wedding stand out above the rest, you need to ensure that your caterer specialises in wedding catering in Singapore. They should have enough experience to know which dishes are the best for weddings, and they must know how a wedding progresses so that all of the food is ready by the time the reception begins.

5. Budget

Finally, the one factor you should constantly keep in mind throughout the wedding planning process is your budget. Consider how much money you will spend on wedding catering in Singapore. If you’re willing to splurge on the food, will you have enough money for the decorations? If you decide on cheaper catering for your budget, would it affect the quality of your wedding in any way? Think about these factors very carefully before you decide on a wedding caterer.

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