Get The Taste Of Japanese Halal Food In Singapore’s Top 3 Restaurants

Why take the long flight to Japan to taste its authentic food items when you can enjoy delicious Japanese cuisines in Singapore itself? You can never go wrong with halal Japanese food to eat in Singapore, from a yummy soupy ramen bowl to classic sushi, the options are endless. When trying out Japanese halal food in the city, make sure to drop by in one of these below-listed restaurants to get the best flavors of Japan.

Must-Try Halal Japanese Food Joints In Singapore That You’ll Love

  • Gyunion: Enjoy The Directly-Sourced Japanese Ingredients In It

Gyunion is one of those best stops for halal Japanese foods that promise the purest Japanese experience to the eaters. And thanks to most of the ingredients procured directly from Japan, the chefs make sure they leave no stones unturned to guarantee you the food quality. Treat your tastebuds to either Gyumen or Gyudon to enjoy the modest proportion of marinated beef served with a topping of an onsen egg.

  • Fu-Men: To Get The Taste Of Fukuoka’s Most Exclusive Udon

To experience Fukuoka’s most exclusive udon, you might have to travel to the middle of CBD or Central Business District. Hakata udon which is found nowhere but only in Japan makes Fu-men popular. Hakata udon is the rarest to come across if searching for the halal version. If you are first time tasting Hakata udon, then either order. 

Gobo Tempura Udon or Chicken Tempura Udon to go along with it. The former dish renders the most-desired crunch to the soupy dish.

  • The Ramen Stall: Indulge In The Fresh Ingredients

If you are thinking of devouring on springy ramen noodles served with a delicious soup, then look for no further than the Ramen Stall. You can always look up to this point for all kinds of subtle Oishi dishes. If you are being accompanied in groups, you can start yourself with lip-smacking okonomiyaki. While you can also enjoy their Ramen, other must-try dishes at their place are teppanyaki, kushiyaki, and sushi.

These top restaurants serve the most authentic halal Japanese foods in Singapore. These restaurants are the must-visit places for those craving Japanese foods without including any artificial flavorings. The Japanese halal foods are mouth-wateringly delicious and are budget-friendly as well.  

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