Let’s Talk Beef Jerky: The Snack That Brought About Revolution

Do you know what beef jerky is? It is a beef that is thoroughly dried up and seasoned with salt and spices to ensure that the meat doesn’t spoil and there is no bacterial growth. Beef jerky is a healthier snack than your regular chips or other flour-based snacks, and it is power-packed with nutrients and other health benefits. Let’s get to know further about this snack and why it is a better option for your savory snack cravings!

What Are The Health Benefits Of Beef Jerky?

Jerky is dehydrated meat, so it is shallow in calories, and the moisture is wholly eliminated to ensure that any bacteria stay away from the heart. It is very rich in protein, and it can increase your daily protein intake to an optimal level. Healthy beef jerky also contains nutrients such as zinc, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, etc.

Popular meat cuts used for making beef jerky include sirloin cut, top round-cut, bottom round-cut, the eye of the round cut, pectoral cut, flank cut, etc. The grass-fed beef is a healthier variant if you are health conscious. 

National Jerky Day

The National Jerky Day was initiated by Jack Link in 2012 and is celebrated every year on June 12th. It is to remember and celebrate this nutrient-filled health food and its popularity all over the globe. The term “Jerky” originates from “Charqui,” a Spanish word for meat in dried form. Because it is lightweight and dense in nutrition, jerky has been a popular choice amongst astronauts. Jerky is usually available in all supermarkets, shops, and snack corners. In India, beef jerky is called by the name of Uppu Kandam.

What Are Some Familiar Flavors Of Beef Jerky?

There are many flavors of beef jerky in different countries, which are adjusted according to their spices, herbs, and spice level. Some must-try flavors of beef jerky are Jalapeno, Sweet and Hot, Teriyaki, Citrus Basil, Dr. Pepper, Bloody Mary, etc. The good old original jerky flavor is also great for a first try.


As we saw, beef jerky benefits our body in so many ways. If you’re someone who doesn’t get their required share of protein daily, replacing your snacks with jerky is an excellent option for your hunger pangs. Country Archer provides grass-fed beef in savory flavor choices, and you should go for it!

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