Sparkling Water And Its Rising Popularity 

Statistics show that sparkling water or water pre-infused with carbon dioxide is becoming more and more popular. This is because sparkling water comes with health benefits. These are outlined below.

Healthier than soda

As compared to soda, carbonated water does not contain added calories or sugar, making it a healthier alternative. Also, the sugar in soda is harmful to your tooth enamel. So drinking sparkling water also helps protect your teeth. Studies have shown that soft drinks are much more harmful than sparkling water.

Your digestion improves

Sparkling water enhances your ability to swallow, which improves your digestion. A study has revealed that the nerves that make you eat more get more stimulated by carbonated water than by other beverages. In addition, carbonated water may stimulate bowel movements, which can relieve constipation. According to researchers, it can also alleviate stomach pain, which is a symptom of indigestion.

Aids weight loss

Research has indicated that if you drink sparkling water with your food, it makes the food remain longer in your stomach, thus reducing your food cravings later on. This can aid in weight loss.

Phosphorus free

Your ordinary soda contains phosphorus, which scientists think is detrimental to bone health. Sparkling water is free from phosphorus. Researchers for some time speculated that the carbon dioxide in aerated drinks could reduce bone density. This has later been proven to be false. Rather, they have found reasons to believe that sparkling water could foster bone health. Moreover, one study has shown that sparkling water helped the body retain water better than mineral water.

Improves heart health

Though not conclusively proved, initial research points to the fact that sparkling water improves heart health. Research showed that good or HDL cholesterol levels were boosted by drinking sparkling water and bad or LDL cholesterol levels were lowered.

You may stay more hydrated

The better taste of Aha Sparkling Water makes you sip more of it than ordinary water. This makes it more likely that you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Especially, if you are a fitness enthusiast, staying well-hydrated is essential for reducing oxidative stress and sparkling water does this job very well.

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