Swiss cheese – A great choice to delicious burger

Nothing beats a satisfying cheese pull from one of your favourite cuisines, yet not all cheeses melt in the same way. Swiss cheese is one of the few ingredients that is both universally adored and quite simple to prepare. The simple process of melting cheese between two pieces of buttery bread produces a wholesome diet that tastes delicious. If you want to step up your grilled cheese game, try Swiss cheese for your super melty and drippy meals.

The ability of cheese to melt relies on a variety of things. Moisture is the first and arguably the most crucial element. More loosely packed milk proteins separate higher easily when cooked, therefore a cheese with more moisture will have more loosely packed milk proteins. That’s why a moister, naturally flowing cheese like Swiss, which melts the second it’s warmed and has a creamy texture is preferred to a harder, drier cheese like Parmesan.

Swiss cheese has a distinct nutty flavour and melts beautifully, but make sure you buy the excellent manufactured package because it may get a little greasy. One of the most common cheeses used in fondue is Emmenthal, which is considered pure Swiss cheese. Gruyère is another key ingredient in classic fondue. The cheese is rich and delicious, and it holds up well to heat (and ham). It melts into a rich, nutty richness that is almost unrivalled.

Cheeses that are heavier in fat also melt better. If you’ve ever tried to melt low-fat or non-fat cheese like Swiss cheese, you would have come across this. It also stands true for cheeses with naturally reduced fat content. When you compare high-fat Leicester to lower-fat Swiss, you’ll see that the cheese melts more easily while not getting stringy when heated.

Swiss cheese is a winner when it comes to preparing sandwiches. It lends its distinct nuttiness to anything from Italian heroes to Philly-style roast pork and its rich, buttery taste holds up well on its own. This cheese pays tribute as one of the best meltings on the globe, and its mild and adaptable flavour lends itself to pesto and other toppings.

This little drop of cheese nectar is really whey caught in the cheese’s microscopic eyes. When a cheese exits the maturing chamber, where the temperature and humidity are properly regulated, it tends to become gooier when heated. The liquid will push through the paste and leave through the rind giving you a mouthful of yumminess once you take a bite.

The Swiss cheese has a sweet/salty flavour and a great fattiness on the palate, which may surprise you. The whey absorbs some of the salt from the brining process as well as some of the milk fat, giving it a distinct taste. Manufacturers of Swiss Cheese in Australia like the burger cheese come up with the most innovative of ideas and satiate the human need for the yummiest and meltiest bite of their cheesy dish. You can get in touch with them here and get your required amount of packaged Swiss Cheese slices to celebrate your fun-filled occasion be it at home or restaurant.

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