The Singleton Dufftown, Moray – The Whiskey Capital Of The World

Have you been seeking a destination to visit to have a fantastic vacation? You have, of course, and you are not alone. Many people come to us looking for the ideal vacation, and at that point, we direct them to the charming Moray town of The Singleton Dufftown. You may be familiar with this town. Its original name was Mortlach, which was used from the Middle Ages until the nineteenth century. 

History Of The Town

The Earl of Fife built this town to provide shelter for soldiers who were coming home from battle. Earl of Fife now referred to this town as The Singleton Dufftown. 

Some Intriguing Information The Town Offers

As you can see, this town has a lot of intriguing information. Join us so we can share more fascinating information about The Singleton Dufftown with you. This town attracts many people every July since it holds a highland games competition during this time.

Therefore, if the Highland Games event interests you, you could wish to schedule your holiday around July.

There are numerous noteworthy structures that you will pass as you move through The Singleton Dufftown. One of these well-known structures is Balvenie Castle, a portion of which was built using stones from the neighboring ruins of Auchindoun Castle.

The Amazing Street Layout

In terms of The Singleton Dufftowns street layout, four main routes converge on the clock tower. The tourist information office here used to be a prison.

You will see a signpost that reads Whiskey Capital of the World as you approach this town. This sign is undoubtedly accurate because this is how the town is regarded. This region is home to a large number of distilleries. 

Several Places Of Interest

It would not be wrong to suggest that you would have a splendid time with your family and friends in this stupendous town. There is no dearth of places of interest for you. It would be in your best interest to explore the town for its splendid and heartwarming environment. 

To Sum It Up

You would be spoilt for a choice of options available at The Singleton Dufftown. The town has been providing your specific needs with numerous options to explore. You would have a gala time venturing into the city that caters to you with several places of interest. You should hire a local guide to ensure you visit the best places at the right time.

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