Why is Tom Collins Cocktail Recipe the Most Refreshing Drink?

When it comes to one of the most refreshing drinks, the Tom Collins cocktail recipe is always among the best. The classic gin cocktail is over 100 years old and is still one of the most sought-after drinks in bars and clubs, especially on hot days. The recipe is simple yet amusingly tickles your taste buds as most people enjoy the soft drink indoors or outdoors. The recipe is also tempting, making it a timeless classic, and although you may love other drinks, you will not shy away from a refreshing Tom Collins now and then. It stands out if the gin is good quality and should be clean and crisp. Again, the gin shouldn’t be overly made with elements that make it too strong. 

The lemon juice should be fresh, and the syrup is just about sweet. You can make the syrup by dissolving sugar, storing it in the refrigerator, and using it as and when required. 

Ingredients for a Refreshing Tom Collins

The original classic Tom Collins is simple to make and needs only a few ingredients. With every 2 oz of gin, add an oz of fresh lemon juice and syrup. You can add Club soda to give you the refreshing feel you always wanted on a hot day. You may add a few ice cubes and also some garnishing. For garnishing your drink, you may use slices of oranges and cherries. 

To make the drink, you must fill a shaker with ice. Next, add gin, lemon juice and simple syrup, and then shake the mixture for 10 or more seconds. Next, strain the mixture into a Collins glass, top it with club soda, and stir it. If you love garnishing the drink further, add cherry and orange slices. 

The drink is always served in Collins glass, as it has been for a century. The Tom Collins glass is a glass tumbler that has a capacity of 300 to 400 millilitres. While preparing their drink at home, some people may add some mint and some bitters to enhance their taste. However, this may vary from individual to individual; hence, these are only optional. 

Enjoying the Flavor Differently

Although there are different ways to increase the flavour, Tom Collins is best enjoyed in its simplistic style. If you change the gin, it becomes something different and not a true Tom Collins cocktail. You will find a similarity with the John Collins cocktail, where the main feature is whiskey instead of gin. 

Another salient point of Tom Collins cocktail is that only 17 gm of sugar is added, which is equal to the carb used. It is sometimes called grown-up lemonade and is citrusy, fizzy, and very irresistible. For this reason, the drink has been immortalized since ancient times. The drink earned further goodwill because of Harry Johnson’s 1882 book; since then, it has always been a hot favourite for many drinkers. 

The best part of this drink is that you needn’t visit any bar, but make one right at your home. 

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