Do You Know Which Singapore’s Unofficial National Dish Is?

Who doesn’t like eating Singaporean cuisine? It is so versatile and tasty that resisting anything influenced or made in Singapore style becomes difficult. Due to the popularity of the street food category, the chicken rice directory in Singapore is many to explore. But before that, let us understand the cuisine a little better.

The Singapore Cuisine

Singaporean cuisine is renowned for its unique sense of taste and authenticity all over the world. Several ethical groups have come together and developed with enormous experience of centuries into economic, political and social changes in the cosmopolitan city of Singapore.

The cuisine influences various cuisines worldwide such as Malays, Indian, Chinese and Indonesian. There are stories of influence from the neighbouring cities and states such as Thailand, Japan and Korea. Even the Britishers, people of Arabic origin and other immigrants have contributed mainly to popularising Singapore cuisine worldwide.

Which Are The Unofficial National Dishes In Singapore?

There are many dishes termed unofficial national dishes of Singapore. Out of which, Hainanese chicken rice is the most popular one. Immigrants from Hainan in the southern region of China created it and were known as the Hainanese dish Wenchang chicken.

The chicken rice dish is effortless to understand and easy to make it. A poached or steamed chicken dish is shocked in an ice bath to keep it moist. The chicken is cooked in ginger garlic paste, and the rice is cooked in the ice water residue of the chicken. Spoons of rice with the chicken and pieces of cucumber for refreshment do the final platting of the dish.

Apart from the chicken, the chilli crab, NasiLemak, Otak-Otak and BakKutTeh are famous dishes to savour and enjoy when you are a foodie in Singapore.

A List Of Chicken Rice Directories In Singapore To Enjoy

There are a lot o Hawker centres observed all around the country of Singapore. The popular and famous food stalls serve various dishes of Singapore cuisine and culture. Many such stalls sell Hainanese chicken rice and are rated with Michelin stars. The price of one plate is quite affordable and worth the money at $1.50.


The next time you plan to visit Singapore and are wondering what to eat for lunch or dinner, look through the food stalls around the country and the places you will be visiting. You will find one stall serving Chicken rice plates, which would be worth the try.

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